Been teaching myself to knit a linen stitch. Looks amazing, but hard as fuck because, hey, new stitch.

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If you see this do NOT call an exterminator, call a beekeeper to relocate them for you.

Fuck that, I’m calling a SWAT team

No you’re not

Hey man! Bees are extremely important! They are the worlds most efficient and effective pollinators! without bees we wouldn’t have lots of fruit and vegetables and nuts! Like cucumbers, almonds, cherries, and that’s just naming a few. Because these plants can only be pollinated by bees, therefore if there were no bees there would be none of those foods! that’s why you gotta kiss bees and not kill them

Yep! These bees are swarming. They have all gathered there before heading off together to find a new place to build a hive! At this point in a Swarm, the bees can actually just be knocked in to a box and taken to an appropriate Hive, as long as you have the queen. She’s in there somewhere. Honestly during the swarm ball bees are pretty chill. Nothing to get over excited or frightened about.

Bees are the least likely to harm you while they’re swarming like this. At this point, there isn’t a hive or any young for them to protect. Seriously, it’s not worth jacking nature even more just because you don’t wanna get stung (especially when you’re very unlikely to be)

Bees are dying off in an alarming rate and we need to do everything we can to help them. If they’re not around to pollinate our food crops, we are truly screwed.


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6 so far for this year.

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Here are my first squares of the year, all 10 of them. The picture quality is kind of crappy, but my girl Zim makes one of them better. :3  As you can see, my trip to St. Louis was productive.